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Personalized Engraving

How can I add an engraving on my watch?

Adding an engraving is super easy. Watch this video to learn how.

How much does Engraving cost? How long does it take?

There's an additional ₱200 ($4) fee for engraving. The shipping time of an engraved order is the same as an order w/o one. We use high speed, precision fiber laser which allows us to incorporate this service within the 24-hour processing time.

Is there a character limit for engraving?

The character limit is 12 characters per line / 2 lines.

Can you do a customized engraving?

We don't usually do custom work as we solicit an artist to create the artworks which are then calibrated into our laser machines - the cost of which is too high for a single order.However as we wish to leave you with a positive experience we can make