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My new watch isn't working. Help!Updated a year ago

Have you removed the watch stopper?
When you purchase a new watch from LEUPP, it will come with a watch stopper - a plastic piece between the case and the crown. While the watch stopper is in place, the hands of the watch will wobble. This is normal. THE WATCH IS NOT BROKEN. For the watch to start running, pull the watch stopper off and set the time.

Does the watch model have a second hand?
Watch models with 2 hands, only have an HOUR hand and MINUTE hand. Without a SECOND hand that moves every second, you may mistaken the watch is not functioning because nothing moves every second! Set the watch at a 12 o'clock position and allow it to run for 10 minutes. Check if the minute hand has moved after 10 minutes.

For more help on getting started with your new watch check the user manual HERE
If the watch still isn't working, please contact us here for a 30-Day Return & Exchange.

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